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Flat Fee MLS Sells is here to provide you with Flat Fee MLS Listings for as low as $99! We are powered by real estate brokerage company, Pure Equity Realty, and we pride in our superior service when it comes to helping clients save thousands of dollars throughout their real estate transactions. We are a dedicated team that services Palm Beach County, Broward County, St Lucie County and all of the Miami-Dade County and areas. We have vast knowledge in these areas and can provide you, as a client, a comforting and smooth real estate transaction.

Leveraging years of expertise and deep market insights, Flat Fee MLS Sells has evolved into a thriving real estate company in Florida, specializing in flat fee services. We go the extra mile for our clients, offering unparalleled support in both property acquisitions and sales across various markets. Read More About Us...

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Why Should I Sell My Property?

Flat Fee MLS Sells has helped property owners with the following problems:

our mission is to help make the home selling process easier for you while keeping more of your hard-earned equity in your pocket.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the FAQs for you!

What is an MLS?

The Multiple Listing Service, aka MLS, is a database of real estate listings for sale by Realtors®. Each MLS system is a local database of properties for sale, pending and sold in the service area covered by that MLS. This includes homes for sale - new homes and resale homes, new construction; rental lease properties; acreage, lots, and land; commercial properties and investment properties.

Can a private seller aka a FSBO list their property on the MLS?

Traditionally, for sale by owner (FSBO) homes were not listed on MLS systems. However, you can appoint FlatFeeMLSSells, doing business as the Flat Fee Listing, to have them list your home on the MLS for a flat fee.

Why list on MLS?

More than 87% of real estate is sold through the MLS. The MLS is a database of 95%+ of homes that are ready for sale or rent. That is why it is a vital tool to increase exposure for your property. Only Realtors have access to the MLS.

Below you will find all the popular cities that we service for homes for sale and mortgage financing.

Serving Flat Fee MLS in Florida, Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade and St. Lucie County, since 2015

Boynton Beach, Lake Worth, Wellington, Boca Raton, Atlantis FL, Delray Beach, Gulf Stream, Haverhill, Highland Beach, Hypoluxo, Juno Beach, Jupiter, Lake Worth Beach, Lantana, Manalapan FL, North Palm Beach, Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Palm Springs, Riviera Beach, Royal Palm Beach, South Palm Beach, Tequesta, Wellington & West Palm Beach

Sell My Home Without a Realtor

Do you want to sell your house at a high price before 2024?

But everyone is telling you about the bad market conditions. It's not worth selling your property.

Statements like these can discourage you. They make you doubtful about your decision. In this case, most people run towards getting help from a real estate agent.

However, a high cost is attached to getting support from these agents. Home sellers have to pay agents commissions when they close the sale. According to stats, sellers pay around 5% to 6% commission fee when selling a house.

So, is there any way to sell your house without paying a hefty amount of money to home sellers? Is it even possible? You might wonder how to save on realtor fees when selling my house.

The ideal alternative is a flat fee service model. In this case, the listing agent has a fixed price. However, it's not limited to this only.

So what else is included in it?

We have compiled a perfect guide to help you understand a flat fee MLS listing service and how to utilize it. So keep reading.

What Is A Flat Fee?

A flat fee is a fixed, predetermined amount charged for a particular service or transaction. It is regardless of the actual costs incurred or the extent of the service provided.

In the context of real estate, it refers to having fixed charges for home sellers to list their houses in the market. There is no commission-based profit involved in this strategy.

Here's what you should remember about the flat fee MLS listing service.

Fixed rates >>> Percentage-based commission

With a flat fee, MLS sellers can get FSBO homes on local multiple listing services. But here comes the question: what is MLS?

MLS stands for Multiple Listing Service. It is a database real estate agents use to share information about properties for sale. The main purpose of the MLS is to provide a centralized and organized platform. In this way, real estate professionals can easily access available properties.

According to the Real Estate Standards Organization, the United States has around 540 MLS systems.

It gives maximum exposure to your home listing. But here's the problem: typically, only licensed agents can post listings on local MLS. So what should you do?

Various companies provide MLS services for a flat fee. With this, you don't have to interact with traditional agents. FSBO sellers can skip that step and list their homes on MLS.

Source: wallstreetmojo

How Flat Fee MLS Listing Service Works?

The flat fee MLS is a streamlined and cost-effective way to sell homes. This alternative has helped many homeowners sell their houses without relying on agents.

Before you incorporate flat fee MLS, you should understand how this system works. Here's a quick breakdown of the entire process.

Step 1: Choosing The Right Flat Fee MLS Provider

Before choosing any provider, you should do research. Ensure that they are a legitimate company and have a good reputation. Researching and selecting a provider that aligns with your specific needs is crucial.

But how can you know which flat fee MLS provider is suitable for you?

In order to choose a flat fee MLS service provider, you should check these aspects.

  • Measure how much time and energy you put into selling a home.
  • Calculate your total profit depending on an estimated selling price of the home.
  • Check customer reviews and company testimonials. Clarify the services you'll get for a specific fee.
  • Note additional resources you might receive. Analyze their support system and how promptly they reply to queries.

Step 2: Select Relevant Package of Services 

You should not choose a package because it has more benefits or less fees. That's not the best criteria for selection.

You should choose a package that suits your requirements, such as unlimited photos, active listing, etc. You'll find different packages with additional marketing material, duration, support time, etc. Be clear about the services you'll get in a specific package.

After selecting the package, send detailed information about the property (home) to the flat fee MLS provider. It means adding images, documents, and square footage.

Step 3: Creating MLS Listing & Submission

Now, your chosen provider will create a professional listing for the property. It's important to ensure it meets the standards of the Multiple Listing Service.

Add your unique selling proposition and any special thing about your property. It can be location, infrastructure, etc.

After creating the MLS, the provider submits the listing. Now, it'll become a part of a comprehensive database. It's accessible to real estate professionals and potential buyers.

In a nutshell, your home is close to being sold.

Step 4: Involvement Of Homeowners

Homeowners are usually more involved in handling buyer inquiries. It includes showing the property and negotiating an offer whenever needed.

There's another thing you should know.

It is the duration of a flat fee MLS listing. It varies depending on the package you choose. Typically, listings are active for a specified period, such as 6 months or 12 months.

Step 5: Negotiations and Closing

After finding the potential buyer, the homeowner directly negotiates with the buyer or their agent. The closing process varies differently. However, the standard procedure of hiring a real estate attorney is often followed.

The homeowner pays the flat fee to the MLS provider. It's comparatively less than the traditional percentage-based commission real estate agents charge.

Practical Example Of Flat Fee MLS Listing Service

Let's understand it better with this example.

Suppose you want to sell your home in Florida. But you don't hire a traditional real estate agent and pay a commission of 5% on the final sale price. So, how do you sell the house?

You decide to use a Flat Fee MLS listing service.

You do some research and finally find a reputable Flat Fee MLS provider. Let's say their lowest package is a fixed fee of $1,000, and you avail it. But here's one thing you should know about the flat fee MLS listing service. This fee includes not only listing property on the MLS but also additional services such as:

  • Professional photos
  • Assistance with property descriptions
  • Exposure to various online platforms

You hire a professional photographer with real estate experience for images. High-quality images grab the attention of a wide range of audiences. Eventually, you sold your house.

So now, whether you sell your home for $200,000 or $300,000, the cost remains fixed at $1,000. It enhances transparency and saves you a lot of money. This approach ensures you attract maximum active buyers while eliminating the obligation to pay real estate fees. 

Source: houzeo

Pros And Cons Of A Flat-fee MLS Real Estate Broker

Many homeowners widely use flat fee MLS because it has a lot of advantages. But on the flip side, there are some drawbacks as well. You should be aware of those when getting a flat fee listing service.

Here are some pros and cons.


Clarity Regarding Fee You've To Pay

Flat fees are usually fixed. Unlike commission-based real estate agents, it won't increase even if your property sells at a higher price. You'll only have to pay the fee mentioned in the listing agreement.

So, as a seller, you already know how much you must pay providers. It removes the guesswork and gives clarity to homeowners.

Doesn't Break The Bank

Most often, agents charge a lot of money for selling a home. In comparison to other available options, a flat fee MLS listing service is a cheaper option. The best part is that it doesn't affect its effectiveness most slightly.

Most often, the flat fee is even less than the realtor commission. But it also depends on the deal you get and your negotiation skills.

Easy Process of Selling Your Home

When you're using a flat fee MLS listing service, that means you have control over pricing. You can set the price of your home however you like.

If a prospect is interested and wants to visit the place, you can set a time accordingly. Whether it's pricing or showing the place as a homeowner, you've control over how you want to manage it.


Level Of Service

Some agents working on a flat fee basis may not give their best. Since the fee is fixed and not commission-based, they only tend to do half of the work.

For example, they might list your home on MLS without any optimization. It's possible that the agent or company might not offer additional marketing services. That's why you should do proper research before choosing a listing provider.

Profit Is Not High

Most sellers don't pay high amounts to flat fee service providers. It can have a direct impact on profit.

Because agents receive no benefit, even if they sell the house at the best price, they are paid less than traditional agents.

Lack Of Expertise

If you're choosing a flat-free MLS listing service, you must be prepared to do many things simultaneously. Things can be troublesome if you don't have expertise in the domain.

Especially when it comes to paperwork, one minor mistake can lead to unwelcoming circumstances and legal issues.

Flat Fee MLS Listing Service Companies & Alternatives

Source: linkedin

If you want to sell your home without giving a commission, then a flat fee MLS listing is a must-try. There are many companies from which you can choose. We'll list some popular companies you should consider.

1. Houzeo

It is an online real estate platform. You can list your home at Houzeo starting from around $349. It also provides access to advanced tools that help your listing grab the attention of prospective home buyers. There are different packages with extensive services you can check from.

2. Homecoin

It is a tech-centered platform and is registered in more than ten states. The price for listing at Hoemcoin is as little as $95. However, it's just a basic package with limited services. You have to pay an extra fee for bundled packages or additional features to show up, such as yard signs, etc. The small upfront fee can turn into thousands when using Hoemcoin.

3. Flat Fee MLS Sells

It's a flat fee MLS listing service provider, especially for Florida. You can list your Florida home in the MLS for as low as $99. At one price, you can get plenty of benefits. More than 50 high-quality images, 24 months of listing durations, free forms, unlimited changes, and more. 

So why choose Flat Fee MLS Sells? Here's why

  • We offer you a free home value estimate. 
  • Only 1.5% or $3000 commission.
  • Our Service Areas - Palm Beach County, Broward County, Miami-Dade County & St. Lucie County.

Traditional vs. Flat Fee MLS

You might wonder how the flat fee differs from the traditional listing of real estate. From full-service packages to licensed realtors, both these comprehensive services have significant differences.  

Here is a table of major differences between these that you should keep in mind.


Traditional Real Estate

Flat Fee MLS

Listing Price

Typically, the listing and the buyer's agent split 5-6% homes for sale price.

Flat upfront fee, ranging from $100 to $1,000 or more, regardless of sales price.

Control Over Listing

The agent takes the lead in the listing process. It includes advising on pricing, marketing, and negotiations.

Sellers have more control over real estate listing details. It includes pricing strategy and marketing decisions.


It is less flexible, as the seller relies heavily on the expertise of the listing agent.

More flexibility for the seller to choose specific services. Thus adapting the approach based on their needs.

Seller Involvement

Seller involvement is generally lower as the agent handles most aspects of the sale process.

Requires more involvement from the seller in terms of marketing decisions, showings, and potential negotiations.

Listing Duration

Typically, the listing agreement has a set duration (e.g., six months)

Flat Fee MLS services may offer shorter listing durations or provide options for extension at an additional cost.

Is Flat Fee MLS Listing Service the Right Choice For Me?

Source: theclose

Saving money sounds tempting, and many people choose flat fee MLS without much thinking. However, you must ask yourself whether you are ready to wear the hat of a real estate agent.

In this, you have to understand legal restrictions and real estate laws. You have to deal with prospective buyers, attend to phone calls, and even repeat this cycle until you find a qualified buyer. You're good to go if you think you can do it without an experienced seller's help.

Initially, you're saving money, but in the long run, you've to sacrifice your time. You need to have a certain level of knowledge for effective management.

But the plus point is you understand the features of the house. It means you can confidently tell it to the buyers better than anyone else. 

Tips For Flat Fee MLS Listing Service

By now, you are already aware of the flat fee MLS listing service. Now, we'll share some expert tips for the smooth management of your listing overall.

  • Optimize Property Presentation: Invest some time in presenting property effectively. Add high-quality images, detailed home descriptions, and highlight key features.
  • Strategic Pricing: You should set pricing after doing market research. Set a competitive and realistic price for your property.
  • Respond Promptly to Inquiries: Don't respond late to Inquiries. Be quick and actively monitor listings. Quick responses show you're a serious seller and positively impact the selling process.
  • Use Additional Marketing Tools: Some Flat Fee MLS providers offer optional tools for marketing. These services include virtual tours or professional photos. It can make your listing stand out.
  • Share on Social Media & Online Platforms: By sharing your listing on other platforms, you increase its visibility. Many Flat-fee MLS services syndicate listings to various real-estate sites, expanding your reach.

Ending Thoughts

You should try this approach if you know marketing and have enough time to manage listings.

Every home seller has different needs. If you have some understanding of the legal framework and do research combined with a great flat fee MLS company, you can make this process easier.

You won't need to contact any agents, investors, or flippers.

Ready to sell your property with a flat fee MLS listing service?

Then you're at the right place. At Flat Fee, MLS Sells, we help homeowners list their homes for a flat rate. So, take control of your listing today. Sell your property without giving real estate commissions to anyone.

Contact us today and let us help make the home selling process easier while keeping more of your hard-earned equity in your pocket. Get help from our experienced flat fee listing agent today.